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Company and CC Liquidations

  • Your business is in a dangerous financial situation where you are bordering on trading insolvent which can lead to personal liability.

  • You need to finalise and have a dormant company or CC wound up, rather than have it de-registered, and still have penalties and interest added to outstanding debts.

  • You need a cost effective way of ending an insolvent business venture. 

Company restructuring


Just as there are many reasons companies might restructure, there are many benefits of restructuring a company. Some benefits are financial, such as reviving a declining business, increasing a company’s value, and preparing it for sale or transfer to the next generation. Other benefits involve gaining a competitive advantage, such as helping a company position itself for growth, allowing for the addition of new accounts or enabling expansion into other geographical areas. Two words, however, sum up the overall benefits of corporate restructuring: survival and success.

Business Rescue


Business Rescue legislation was designed to provide distressed ventures with the opportunity to restructure the venture and trade out of distress. It creates a financial breather for a company that can trade profitably.

Business Rescue can offer your distressed venture a lifeline. Speak to the best in the business about your unique plan today  


New Companies


Starting a new company? Get the structures right from the beginning to eliminate challenges later. 



A Joint Venture (JV) is a business arrangement between two or more entities where they agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific business task.

A JV is its own entity, separate and apart from the participants to the agreement.

The reason behind forming a JV include business expansion, development of new products or moving into new markets.

A JV will require its own Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) certificate if they would like to tender or enter into a contract that requires a B-BBEE Certificate.

Legal Assistance

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